Part 1 - Geelong Australia-New York with Figment Arts and Peter G Pereira's The Trees of Life Sculpture Multimedia Installation March 2014

Trees of Life Geelong New York Conceived and Installed across great distances in Space and Time
To a terrific event half  a world away made right next door 
My Warmest Geelongesque Thanks 
to a dedicated Team of like minds and spirits: Figment Arts Geelong with the Trees of Life Series.
Special Thanks to a  fantastic Australian curatorial team 
Miriam, Ann, Laura among others and Fil and David on this American side of the Pond.

Here is an introduction to the Geelong Figment Event from Carl Shurz Park New York City to the People of Geelong and Johnstone Park
(in preview to Installation and De-installation videos)

The Fantastic Geelong Subjects and Spaces

To all the participating Artists this year at Geelong have a Great Event!

(A Special mention to the local people of this earthly paradise with Joy, and Michael D'Arcy and  Rene, Cathy from Joys Fabrics and Ash and Nicole from Faggs)


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