Portrait of the Artist as a Very Young Man - Picasso and Matisse - The Stein Collection at the Met

Paul and I headed off to the MET last night and entered the Magical  Realm
of Gertrude, Michael, Sarah and Leo Stein's Collection.
Terrific and Insightful Works on Paper, Canvas, Photographs, and in Sculpture and Film.

I remember passing a Film of Gertrude's/Virgil Thomas Opera (1934 -All Black Cast)Four Saints in Three Acts and overhearing Her  admonition of understanding the art: 
"If you've enjoyed it you've understood it..."


Pigeons on the grass alas.
  Pigeons on the grass alas.
  Short longer grass short longer longer shorter yellow grass. Pigeons
large pigeons on the shorter longer yellow grass alas pigeons on the
  If they were not pigeons what were they.
  If they were not pigeons on the grass alas what were they. He had
heard of a third and he asked about it it was a magpie in the sky.
If a magpie in the sky on the sky can not cry if the pigeon on the
grass alas can alas and to pass the pigeon on the grass alas and the 
magpie in the sky on the sky and to try and to try alas on the
grass alas the pigeon on the grass the pigeon on the grass and alas.
They might be very well they might be very well very well they might
  Let Lucy Lily Lily Lucy Lucy let Lucy Lucy Lily Lily Lily Lily
Lily let Lily Lucy Lucy let Lily. Let Lucy Lily.

Grand Staircase of Metropolitain Museum of Art NYC
Left Column: Matisse Portrait of Woman with Hat in 3/4 View
(20th Century - Paris)
Right Column: Pollaioulo Portrait of Young Woman in Profile 
(15th Century - Florence)

Great Hall seen from 2nd Floor Mezzanine

Two perspectives Merged

Pereira - 2012

Some 5 Centuries Divide these 3 Great Portraitists

Pollaioullo - Young Woman -  1465

      Portrait of Gertrude Stein - Picasso- 1906

Matisse  - Portrait of Woman with Hat - 1906

Unique Tryptich - Pereira 2012

Before Heading to the Museum with Paul 

I was able to capture a Special Portrait
which Strangely set the Tone for the Whole

Animate Portrait of  an Artist as a Very Young Man
...with Mother Soothing
A Joycean Tale by Pereira - New York 2012

Entrance to the Show

First views of Cezannes, Renoirs, LaTrec among others.

After the Show 
Paul and I went to a Corner Cafe round the corner of the Met on Madison and discussed the works...

My immeasurable thanks to the Artists in the Collection who forged the Visual and Intellectual Soul of my generation and gave us the tools to Boldly Go where no Art had Gone Before...

How I planned to expand the discussion on my Art Appreciations Blog over the next while...

and among other things...

How Good the Coffee Was

Seriously - Portrait of Paul - Pereira 2012

...among other things reflections of things and integrating perspectives
...interiors and exteriors

...among other things we came around to 
a  Animation Short Film of mine on Paticles and Waves called Wavicle Flux
which I had just finished that afternoon,
of which he was second to see
 after dear Coutney at the Yorkville Creperie 
where we met on our way to the Met

Wavicle Flux by Peter G Pereira
Short Animation -2012

It was a Full Moon as we walked Home
Somewhat on a Cloud

Full Moon - New York City
Pereira 2012

We promised ourselves to Go back and have Another Look.

Foundations of Modern Art...in some James Joyce and Cezanne being the Fathers
...Gertrude Stein the Mother...and all those weird and wonderful Children.

                       Paul Cezanne

James Joyce

Gertrude Stein


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